Gypsy handbags and fashion trends!

When you think fashion is about trends, "NOT"  fashion is what you make of it, the way I see it, you make your trend, and your style dictates what direction the market will go, the color of the year can be green instead you buy red, well that said, the trend will be what the consumer shops for, we have seen many times when a high end designer comes up with what I will only call the run way style, something that only models can get away with, 7' tall, long legs, long torso, beautiful neck line and seamless body.

We are not cut with the same scissors...

I love to see bold prints on small bodies, for many it's a big no, but for me is like the first day of spring when the light is bright and the flowers bloom in all colors.

I believe if you like it, wear it, your confidence will make that bold print look like dot in the sky.

I see a lot of Gypsy this and Gypsy that, and all it is a mixture of textures and prints, we have the perfect handbag for that look, long fringe, acid washed leathers, distressed textures and vintage fabrics. 

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