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Scrap Leather is the remnant of the leather products produced in our shop, the selection of cowhides and thickness will depend on the leathercraft projects, we offer the selection of colors and textures by the pound.

This listing is for 1 pound :  

  • Cowhide remnants 
  • Color: Mainly shades of brown with occasional tan, black, olive, slate blue, and burnt orange colors (the pictures are a good representation of the colors).
  • Colors are a mix - you will not get every color pictured nor are you guaranteed to get all one color. 
  • 3-5 ounces thick
  • 2-3 square feet (some smaller / some larger, but none are very small) 
  • Perfect for leathercraft projects: small leather earrings, keychains, money clips, bracelets, lace, and cardholders.
  • Price is per pound
  • Please note: If you only get one pound, you will get small pieces and single colors, but to get several colors it's best to buy 2 pounds or more. Because the scrap we get is always changing it is very difficult to guarantee the sizes of the pieces at any given time. We do our very best to send usable pieces. You will get mostly tan colors.  Photos are examples only as this is a bulk listing. Bulk, simply put, is leather available by the quantity. There is no limit to the use of this scrap! 
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