Acid Washed Hair Calf Leather Cowhide Scrap Brindle Black Gold 4.2 Pounds

Acid Washed Hair Calf Leather Cowhide Scrap Brindle Black Gold 4.2 Pounds

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    • This assortment of very fine High Embossed and Printed Leather pieces are cut-

    offs, or remnants leftover from our shop's larger projects such as belts, bags, totes,

    wallets, and clutches. It’s great for making your own leather jewelry or other personal

    pieced leather accessories.

    • Other use: Leathercrafts, leatherworks, jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing,

    summer camp projects, kids projects, watchbands, minimalist wallet parts, key fobs,

    leather tassels, key chains, bracelets, leather jewelry, inlays or any number of small


    • Size: This is all genuine high-quality leather that has just been left behind from

    larger projects; they’ll be odd shapes and irregular sizes.

    • Color and Texture: There will be a wide variety of leathers, all sorts of prints,

    colors, shades, and textures.

    • Quality and Grade: all leather is grade “A” first grade; Audish Accessories LLC

    does not carry second-grade leather.

    • Leather scraps remnants that are a byproduct of trimming for the production of

    leather sales and finished goods.

    These scraps are generally full-grain leather and come in multi-colored packages.

    Please understand what is pictured is an example of a scrap mix, but every pack will

    vary based on the colors running through that week's mix of production.

    Average packages will be a mix of different colors/metallic’s/prints (there will rarely

    be more than 1-2 metallic’s or embossed leathers). We are consolidating our listing     sell the packs by the lb.

    • Metallic Leather: we try to package all metallics together as best possible.