Scrap Black Lizard Goatskin Leather Hide Soft 2.5 oz
Scrap Black Lizard Goatskin Leather Hide Soft 2.5 oz

Scrap Black Lizard Goatskin Leather Hide Soft 2.5 oz

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• This assortment of very fine High Embossed and Printed Leathers pieces are cut-offs, or remnants leftover from our shop's larger projects such as belts, bags, totes, wallets, and clutches. It’s great for making your own leather jewelry or other personal pieced leather accessories.
• Other use: Leathercrafts, leatherworks, jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, summer camp projects, kids projects, watchbands, minimalist wallet parts, key fobs, leather tassels, key chains, bracelets, leather jewelry, inlays or any number of small projects.
• Size: This is all genuine high-quality leather that has just been left behind from larger projects; they’ll be odd shapes and irregular sizes.
• Color and Texture: There will be a wide variety of leathers, all sorts of prints, colors, shades, and textures.
• Quality and Grade: all leather is grade “A” first grade; Audish Accessories LLC does not carry second-grade leather.
• Leather scraps remnants that are a byproduct of trimming for the production of leather sales and finished goods.
These scraps are generally full-grain leather and come in multi-colored packages. Please understand what is pictured is an example of a scrap mix, but every pack will vary based on the colors running through that week's mix of production.
Average packages will be a mix of different colors/metallic’s/prints (there will rarely be more than 1-2 metallic’s or embossed leathers). We are consolidating our listing to sell the packs by the lb.

Goat leather is naturally soft in texture; high durability, high flexibility, and lighter weight make it extremely suitable for the making of Handbags, bags, wallets, belts, covered buckles, key fobs, straps, crafts, and small leather goods.
The leather is a natural byproduct created from the skin of animals and therefore may have markings and imperfections just like human skin.
These markings can come in the form of scars, bug bites, defects, fat wrinkles, and brands.
The markings are what makes each piece of leather unique, and is a sign that you are purchasing genuine leather. Audish Accessories, LLC strives to provide our customers with the highest quality skins available, when purchasing, please expect skins to contain some markings and imperfections as part of the natural nature of the skin.

• Shipping: If you order 3 or more hides, we ship USPS Priority Mail and roll the hides to avoid creases. Under 3 hides, we ship the hides folded, unless you contact us to upgrade to priority with an additional charge $8.00 (However, creases can easily be removed by placing a light fabric over the hide and ironing on medium heat).
• Due to monitor variations, colors may appear slightly different.